Monday, November 30, 2009

Is Sarah Palin Really The Biggest Threat Dems Face?

I can appreciate the democratic position and misguided belief that people who don't live with and face elder care issues on a daily basis are most frequently polluted by political arguments rather than the facts and cold, hard issues our seniors are faced with each and every day. The fact that the seniors would be among the first element of the population to face "selective medicinal exclusionary practices" is unfortunately, FAR from being a myth.

Targeting Sarah Palin because she has agreed to provide testimony before the senate judiciary committee on the potentially negative repercussions of passing the president's proposed health care agenda as it currently reads, and labeling her as a fear monger and panic ogre is just rediculous. Our seniors need someone to stand up and represent their best interests in all of this, and I for one and glad she has taken up the torch and will be fighting for medical and treatment decisions to remain in the hands of the individuals, their families, and their doctors....(where such decisions belong) and not in the hands of bureaucrats and politicians where the current health care proposal would place it.

The State of Oregon, which currently hosts government run health care plans and has for many years, had a classic example with that one very sickly YOUNG woman who was featured on one of the primetime network news broadcasts (I believe it was 20/20, but don't hold me to that). She was told, (and it was well documented by the program while she was still alive) that they would pay to euthanize her if she couldn't deal with the pain of living, but that they would not authorize disbursement of funds for costly treatments which their "experts" told them would only prolong her life, and her misery, by what they considered to be a negligible amount of time. (in this case, they approximated only a few months).

I'm sorry that democratic opinions on this matter have been so drastically and inaccurately swayed by the extreme left, however, as a proud American, I not only recognize, but respect their right to have and voice those opinions, no matter how misguided and inaccurate I personally know them to be.

The truth of the matter overall should be the fact that somebody needs to speak for the rights of the people who have fought in the wars, debated the laws, voted in the elections, and shaped our country into the place it is today. When people talk about how horrible our economy and the state of affairs here in America is, I can never help but ask myself why they can't just stop for a minute, to take a break and look around themselves.

We still live in the greatest country on Earth.

We have freedoms here that people in many far away lands fight, shoot, blow up, and die for everyday, but we take them for granted because the dollar didn't do so hot against the Euro today.

These rights are NOT a guaranteed thing!

If we don't fight to protect them like the people before us did and like the founding fathers intended, we can and will lose them a lot faster than the 234 years it took to get us to where we are today.

We need responsible people to continue to protect our rights, which only exist because the American people dictate to the government how they want the land to be ruled, not the other way around. We have never, and never should let our government tell us what we can and can't do, what cars we can make, who our CEO's can and can't be, what types of jobs we can apply for and which sections of the economy we are going to "stimulate" while we allow other elements of our economic infrastructure to choke and die.

The Fundamental right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the original seed by which the rest of our laws have blossomed. These constitutional rights are directly violated when the government even has the ability to tell a person that they will have to die because a panel of "experts" doesn't believe it is economically feasible to save their lives.

What the Democrats don't get in this argument though is that it doesn't matter if they never actually do it or not. The fact that the ability is there, is the thing that absolutely cannot be allowed and the same argument is what fuels the fires for federally funded abortion issues right now. Even if there is never a tax-payer funded abortion performed in America, the fact that it could be done is the best reason ever to make sure that it can't be...that no possibility exists for such a travesty to ever occur, just like with a "death panel".

I am not a "fear monger" who believes for a minute that democrats want to kill senior citizens in America, anymore than anyone should believe that republicans want to protect the rich at the expense of the poor. Both are equally ludicrous claims which shouldn't be given a minute of public attention or air time when we have so many factual issues which need to be addressed and dealt with. However, the ability for any of those things to ever take place is reason enough to prevent them, legally, morally, and legislatively, from ever even hypothetically occurring in someone's mind, particularly when they can be solved with a few strokes of some overweight, overpaid politician's overpriced, tax-payer funded, ink pen.

Our rights need to be protected, and minus a few crafty mis-quotes, plays on words, and personal attacks by misguided dems and dem sympathizers, Sarah Palin has spoken out to try and bring these issues to the attention of the American people before any of this gets passed through into law. The gaping holes and significant potential for abuse of the system and government resources to advance a person's or groups, illegitimate agendas which exists in the current writing of the proposed health care plan are disgraceful and they need to be changed for the benefit of all citizens.

Do we need universal heath care? Absolutely we do! Only an idiot would refute that we need a better system than the one we have, however, the one currently being proposed is far worse than the one we've lived by for over 2 centuries, and needs drastic revisions by all those involved before it is passed into law, and even one American falls victim to the gaping loopholes it leaves in our national health care.

America IS STILL the greatest place on Earth, but we all need to fight to protect and keep it that way. It's not a bi-partisan effort that we's an American effort that we need.

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